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Your specialist for organic henna body art services.

Covid-19 Response

 We're monitoring the Covid-19 situation closely. We're eager to get back to work but your safety is our top priority. Island Girl will only resume operations once the NY Pause Order is lifted. What can you look forward to? We've implemented ways to make working with us as safe as possible, from social distancing, sanitizing between every client to accepting no-touch credit card payments and other safety measures.  

Event Specialists


our Event services

​We supply henna booth + set up, fresh organic henna and relevant materials, application service, design portfolios, line control, aftercare instructions... and a pleasant personality with a smile! 

We specialize in doing henna quickly without sacrificing quality for a wide variety of events...

Parties, weddings, Retreats, Expos

Hire us for your event and your attendees get free henna body art. Retainer and contract required.  

School, University, Corporate Events

To make things convenient for you, we email an invoice and contract for ease in Purchase Order processing. Payable via check day of event. Hire us and your attendees receive free body art. Contract required. Proof of Insurance and IRS form W-9 are available upon request. 

Fundraisers for Non-Profits

Increase donations with henna body art. Hire Island Girl and guests pay for henna at your event. 100% of their payments are donations to your fundraiser. A steady crowd can generate $250+ per hour at a fundraiser! Retainer and contract required. Island Girl donates time + services to an event every year. 2019: Kevin Zraly Scholarship Dinner - Silent Auction Contributor, SUNY Delhi College, Delhi NY. (Additional contributions listed here.)

Henna @ Your Event

Hire Time vs. Party Size

Hire Time vs. Party Size

Hire Time vs. Party Size

Mini henna designs: Silver dollar size or on one finger. 3-4 minutes each. 15-20 designs per hour. 

Small henna designs: Strip across hand + down one finger. 5-7 minutes each. 9-12 designs per hour. 

Where's the time go? Aside from applying henna, it takes time for a client to sit, get comfortable, decide on placement + then make way for the next client to sit.


Hire Time vs. Party Size

Hire Time vs. Party Size

​10AM - 7PM: $125 per hour.

​7PM - 11PM: $200 per hour.

​After 11PM: Contact us for a quote.  

2 hour minimum for all events.

Travel Expenses

Hire Time vs. Party Size

Accepted Forms of Payment

$0.50/ mile. 

Mileage is free within the Delhi, NY area (Bovina Center, Bloomville, East Meredith, Treadwell, Delancey).

Hotel + travel expenses may be required for night events 50+ miles away or any event 75+ miles away. 

Accepted Forms of Payment

1 Hour Small Party Special!

Accepted Forms of Payment

Island Girl accepts Cash, and Credit Cards via Square.

​Checks accepted for College & University events with a Purchase Order. 

1 Hour Small Party Special!

1 Hour Small Party Special!

1 Hour Small Party Special!

Henna parties of up to 9 people in the Delhi NY area from 10AM - 7PM. Henna design sizes based on number of attendees. Not applicable for events with a large attendance.

Reserve Your Date

1 Hour Small Party Special!

1 Hour Small Party Special!

Island Girl's calendar books months in advance. Contact us below with your date + details. Dates are reserved as soon as a retainer is received + our contract is returned. 

Tell Us About Your Event

Include the date, time, location, how many attendees + any other details we might find helpful.