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Your specialist for organic henna body art services.

Our Footprint

Island Girl Body Art, a safe temporary henna tattoo business, is a green company in Delhi NY.

Environmental Awareness

We do what we can to create an environmentally friendly life at home and at Island Girl. Our carbon footprint at home is 1/3 less than the national average and the business is the same size as the world target. We reduce, reuse, recycle and refuse. We're still working to reduce our footprints further. Here are some things we do...

* Island Girl's henna studio is completely off-grid.

​* Home electricity is 100% green! 90% is from the Niagara hydro project and 10% is renewable energy credits purchased from Stuben Rural Co-op's landfill gas energy project.

* Use cloth shopping bags for all shopping, not just groceries. 

* Use a container from home for restaurants leftovers. 

​* Use beeswax cloths, glass and metal containers, stainless steel travel utensils and bottles for meals on the go to avoid single-use plastic bottles, film, bags, cutlery, containers, cups, straws. 

* Carpool and group errands for less frequent travel. Walk instead of driving short distances. 

* Shop vintage and pre-owned items to give useful items a second life. Sell or give away items no longer useful to limit waste.

* Find items that have the least amount of packaging and contain the least amount of plastic, like bamboo toothbrushes. 

* Reuse boxes, shipping materials, gift wrap and paper.

* Recycle everything possible - paper, plastics, glass, cans, thin film and compost. Whatever remains as 'garbage' fills a chip bag... in a month.

* Nearly all our food is organic from local farmers and co-ops, and I don't eat animal products. This supports sustainable farming.

* Use mineral-based, non-nano sunscreen.

* Turn off lights and electronics when not in use.

* Minimal business waste: The only thing disposed of at Island Girl are 100% biodegradable cotton pads. We use these (and a gentle soap and water mix) to clean skin before body art application.

Environmental Contributions

We support the environment and seashore treasures with donations to: